Award Eligibility


Necrotech (September 2016)

Note that eligibility for the Campbell award has been approved by the Writertopia Q&A folks.

Necrotech is the first in the SINless series, to be followed by Nanoshock in 2017.  I wrote Riko, devised and built her, on a sudden surge of fury. Frankly, if I had to hear one more time about how women/bi-/whatever people shouldn't do X or don't ever do Y, I was going to cut a motherfucker.

Since I prefer not to waste my time flailing angrily at the world, I let Riko do it instead.

Riko is my badass, unapologetic, deeply flawed and deeply problematic weaponized assault on social expectation. People had some hella great things to say about the book. 

If you like: profanity, violence, flawed people doing flawed things, sexual freedom, diversity as a matter of course, and a future built to break, then you'll like Necrotech