Need Cover Text? Query Letter Help?

We've all been there. Your book is done, your mind is made up—it's time to start polishing your awesome new project for queries or sale! But... but where do you start?

That's Where I Can Help

I've launched two new projects to help you get on your feet. 

1. Query Letters

For new authors launching their first queries, things can feel overwhelming. You aren't alone! Over at Fiverr, I will help you edit your query letter.* This means taking an existing query letter you have prepared and tweaking, proofing, and editing it into shape. 

* Note: I don't write query letters. I only proof and edit them. In this industry, it's important for authors to at least learn the basics of query formation, as it will help you in other matters (such as back cover copy and short form descriptions.)

2. Back Cover Text/Book Description

Are you struggling to find ways to describe your book without ruining the plot? Looking for the hook that will draw readers in? I excel at back cover work, and have a gig at Fiverr that offers to edit existing text or write brand new text for your project

Each gig has several options, including the ability to request faster turn around and new words, or feedback explaining why I make the changes I do. 

Writing is Hard Enough Alone

Let me help you present the best of your work on your journey to representation, product pages, and sales.

Promotion! #OwnVoices

Are you an #ownvoices author? Writing #ownvoices material? I'm offering 25% off all #ownvoices projects! Message me at Fiverr with your project plan so we can set the scope. I will send you a custom offer with the discount applied.  

Let's crack this industry open. It's long past time.