New Site & Fuckery

I am that guy. The one that does this slick site in all third-person and then has this single page thing labeled "news" all in small letters that's in first person.

Well, whatever. You're here, so you can probably let it go, yeah?

Basically, here's how it works: I am not active as much here as I am at @kacealexander (Twitter) and /kacealexander (Instagram). I have a Facebook page, but honestly, I hate Facebook. So don't encourage me to go there, okay?

I don't enable comments 'cause it's just news, but I engage at those other places. Mostly. When I'm not, you know, dead or drunk or on deadlines. 

But if you want to just keep an eye on news, updates, random shit, sure, come here! You want RSS? I got your RSS. (Does anyone even use RSS aggregate anymore?) It'll be p'few and far between, but when I want something to settle and stick (like deal announcements and stuff) it'll be here.

Okay, why you are still here? Fuck off, then. We're done. Shoo.