Help for Authors

Relax, We got this.

As a seasoned traditional and self-published author, I offer services that every writer will need along their path. I bring eight years of professional experience to your work, passion for what I do, and a determination to help you bring out your best—because you are the future of publishing! Let's make your foundation strong.

 background photo by  Ali Kais

background photo by Ali Kais

Query Letter

I am well practiced in the art/science/magic of writing query letters. It's one of the author industry's more universally reviled tasks (second only to a synopsis), but it also happens to be one I rather enjoy.

I will edit and tighten your existing query letter it into shape. Extras are optional.

After finishing your book or short story, it's time to launch that baby in the world. I'm eager to help new authors start the process. You can do this! I'm here to help.

 background photo by  Max Templeton

background photo by Max Templeton

Sensitivity Reading


The world is changing. And by that, I mean that the world is exactly as it always has been—filled to the brim with richly diverse people. The industry is waking up to this truth, and empowered authors are pushing to be heard, to be recognized, and to be respected. 

So what do you do if you have no experience including representation, but have no real experience with the subject matter? 

That's where I come in. My sensitivity reading services go over your material and flag it for issues—offensive stereotype, shallow representation, damaging or hurtful stereotypes—and offer alternate suggestions. Making well-rounded characters means exploring the depth of every person you write about, and having a credible, established sensitivity reader can make all the difference.

Specialties include healthy representations of:

  • gender: nonbinary, female, femme
  • sexuality: bi-/pansexuality
  • lifestyle: polyamory, shibari/rope/ D/s
  • mental health: bipolar, PTSD, suicidal ideation, recovery from abusive relationships, trauma

This service is by appointment only. Click below to begin the process.

 background photo by  Martin Shreder

background photo by Martin Shreder

Back Cover Copy

Struggling with back cover or product description copy for your book? Can't quite nail the tone, the length or the right hook? Don't worry, you aren't alone! What's more, you have help.

Whether you need existing cover copy or descriptions edited, or need something written from scratch, I'm here to help you represent your fiction with the best descriptive text. Base packages involve using a synopsis to do so, while upgrades offer shortened time frames, extra words, feedback on choices made and why, and even the opportunity to skip the synopsis entirely and have me write copy after reading your book in depth.

I have experience writing and editing back cover copy for:

  • SF/F 

  • romance (contemporary, historical, paranormal)

  • urban fantasy

  • genre-bending audiences

  • serial parts (with and without cliffhangers)

  • mysteries (cozy and thriller)

... and more!

 background photo by  Jakub Dziubak

background photo by Jakub Dziubak

Chapter Critique

When pitching a book to agents or editors, the query letter is your foot in the door. For that reason, your first three chapters are the most important to getting that agent or editor hooked.

I critique up to your first three chapters, maximum 15,000 words. 

In the critique, I will show you where you are strong and where you need to spend more focus, how or why the content might excite or lose me, and other such pointers that come from experience both as a reader and an author. 

Note: I do not provide developmental edits or copyedits. This is for impact, pacing, depth and other such subjective matters that can make or break a reader's interest.

 background photo by  Hannah Rodrigo

background photo by Hannah Rodrigo

Website Splash Page (Squarespace)

Need a landing page for your Squarespace site? Landing pages are great one-page intros to your work, directing potential readers immediately to the places they want to go. It's also a great way to showcase the work you're proudest of--whether it's a song, a book cover, an album cover, your voice, or your image!

Note: This is not a full website, only a single landing page. See below or gig pages for full site options.

 background photo by  Ali Yahya

background photo by Ali Yahya

Website Customization (Squarespace)

Author sites need to be clean and informative, directing readers to all the right places while showcasing all you've accomplished. Squarespace makes gorgeous templates, and I love putting them together! This makes for a great team.

If you're in need of a fully functional website, I'm your author friend! 

Note: Hosting and domains not included in this gig; Squarespace offers their own hosting, various plans, and integration with domains, plus numerous help files on the subject.

 background photo by  Hannah Wei

background photo by Hannah Wei

Updating Your Website (Squarespace)

Are you a returning Squarespace client looking for maintenance or updates? Monthly? Every six months? Once, ever? This Gig is for you!

Whether you supply me with content to input or you want me to write it for you, I can help you keep your website up to date and looking great. Never let another reader wonder about your work or events again!

Note: This does NOT include hosting for your website, nor does it include building your website from scratch. If you need a brand new Squarespace site, please see the related gig.