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Author Services

From query letters to final book cover checks, not to mention those pages in between. Here's what I offer to help you put your best work forward.


Query Letter

A query letter is how most of us will land our dream agents, and nothing says I've got this like a sparkling query letter. This is one of my favorite things to do with people.

Chapter Critique

Once interest is piqued, now it's time keep them hungry—all it takes is a solid intro into your work. Pace, hook, and plot, whether first 5 pages or 3 chapters, I've got you.

Cover Copy/Text

The back cover on a book or front page descriptive text can make or break a sale. No pressure? None! I can edit your text or write fresh copy, and take all the stress off you.


By Consultation Only

I offer the following very specialized services by consultation or personal recommendation only


Sensitivity Reading

The world is changing. And by that, I mean that the world is exactly as it always has been—filled to the brim with richly diverse people. The industry is waking up to this truth, and empowered authors are pushing to be heard, recognized, andrespected. 

So what do you do if you have no experience including certain kinds of representation in your work, but have no real experience with the subject matter? 

That's where I come in. I go over your material and flag it for issues—offensive stereotype, shallow representation, damaging or hurtful perpetuation of stigma—and offer alternate suggestions. Making well-rounded characters means exploring the depth of every person you write about, and having a credible, established sensitivity reader can make all the difference.

Specialties include and are limited to realistic representations of:

  • gender: nonbinary, female, femme

  • sexuality: bi-/pansexuality

  • lifestyle: shibari/rope, D/s (excluding slavery)

  • mental health: bipolar, PTSD, depression, suicidal ideation, recovery from abusive relationships, trauma

  • faith/belief: Buddhism

Squarespace Website Design

If you're like me and hate the absolute hassle of maintaining the back end of your website, tired to death of constant code and app updates—never mind the sheer rage of plug-ins that suddenly stop working—and just generally over it, I have good news:

Squarespace is a website dev/host that does everything you need with lovely ease. I like it so much that you're looking at a Squarespace site right now; templated out and customized by me, natch. 

Specialties include:

  • a single splash/landing page

  • templates, simple to custom

  • content entry

  • social share graphics

  • minimalist style—focus where it needs to be

Check out how Squarespace operates. If you're into it, request an appointment and we'll discuss what you need. 

This service is by personal reference only.