Sensitivity Consultation

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Rates and Fees


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Non-negotiable, to be paid before work is started. Refunds only granted if no work has been started.


$50 per hour (minimum 2 hours per project)

  • The first two hours are covered by the deposit.
  • An estimate will be submitted after I flip through the manuscript. This number is an estimate, and may not reflect final invoice.
  • Client will be made aware if the estimated hours approach and there is more work to be done. If client chooses to finish there, all work will stop and client will pay the balance as estimated.
  • If under budget, client will only pay for hours worked. 

Attention: Things I Refuse to Read

I will not read: non-consent, ongoing abuse, rape. If your work contains these, please search for a different reader.

If your work contains physical disability (blind, deaf, missing limbs, etc), other mental illnesses, kink, or alternate lifestyles not among those I listed, I will read it as part of the manuscript but cannot comment on it.

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By choosing "agree" below, you recognize that: 1. Sensitivity feedback is blunt. Be prepared to think critically, not emotionally. 2. It is not my job to rewrite your representation for you, I only flag it and make suggestions where possible. 3. There is a non-negotiable $100 deposit to be paid before any work starts. It is non-refundable once we have mutually accepted the process.
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