Geeky Giving: The True Story of the Unsmiling Moon

“Could I make the moon smile?”

This question haunts a little boy who has been stuck in a hospital bed since The Incident that put him there. Not to be deterred, he sets out on a magical journey to cheer up the moon, and along the way, bestows the greatest gift.

Geeky Giving is proud to share it’s first monthly book bundle featuring original science fiction and fantasy works by bright stars within the genre fiction community.

In the February bundle, you’ll find two novelettes and two short stories and a whole lot of awesome. From the consequences of targeting a virus carrier to ghostly connections to a fantasy quest to appease the moon to the possibility of going full Cylon and body hopping.

The bundle was made available on Feb. 22, 2016, and includes:

Would you love to read more stories? Securing your copy of future Geeky Giving Bundles is easy. Make a donation to the Geeky Giving project (supporting Barrow Neurological Foundation, read more about why we help Barrow) of any amount over $5, and then follow the instructions in your confirmation email to receive your digital book. Epub, mobi and PDF formats available and will be delivered within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation email.

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