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Video Gamecasts


On top of my once a month crowdcast I do with Patrons, I am occasionally streaming my video game play. Sometimes it's Destiny 2 (where I learn to aim). Other times, it's other games... where I learn to aim.

And platform.

And rotate the camera in a way that does not lead me over a cliff.

I don't have any set dates or times, I'll just flip up a notice when I'm sitting down to do it. I'll chat with whoever is online, and have been known to swear profusely, yell at the animals while on mic, and gives advice on such things as writing and life and positive fucking reinforcement.


How to Get Involved

The stream is broadcasted through Mixer at https://mixer.com/ShabbithKa. You do not need an account to watch the stream and view the chat, but you will need a Mixer account to chat. (It's free and if you have a Microsoft account, it's already yours.)

Should you prefer chatting on Discord, you can hook up your Discord account to your Mixer account easily. The Discord channel to join is this one: https://discord.gg/nRmJPJR 

Remember: I don't schedule these things, so feel free to wander by anytime you see me tweet about it. Or, you can subscribe to the channel and I think you'll get notifications when I'm online.


  • I tend to suffer tech gremlins on the regular. Part of the fun is watching me flail.
  • When offered the choice on an RPG, I play on easy mode. Why? Because I love story far more than grind.

If you enjoy this and want to tip without becoming a Patron, you can drop me a dime at StreamJar: https://www.streamjar.tv/tip/ShabbithKa 

Fun for everybody! Patrons or otherwise.

image courtesy of Kotaku

image courtesy of Kotaku

Destiny 2

My first RPG first person shooter since Duke Nukem and Rise of the Triad. Basically, it's been a long fucking time. Watch me completely fail to aim. Well, I mean, unless I have the time to set up a sniper shot. Then I'm really good. 

Destiny 2 is one of those cool-to-watch games that has gorgeous landscapes, stellar voice actors, and some familiar voices along the way, too; hellooooooo, Space Fenris!

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

An RPG! A hard one, which is why I play on easymode. I mean, supposedly hard. Until you get the gear, which I get because I'm a badass.

Also because people outfit my pawns for me and send 'em back.

This is my current game of choice, mostly because I really like the fact you can climb on monsters and stab them repeatedly in the face. (Though I currently play a sorcerer. Less stabby, more rampant chaos death and destruction.)

Bonus fun: you only get one character at a time. No multiples. No extra save games. No going back.