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K. C. Alexander
taking on the world one bullshit rule at a time

Gone Witching!

Life changes. People change. Events change, and situations become new ones. Along those very Buddhist lines, I've deviated some: a new old path, and one I'm taking my time navigating.

I've started chronicling my thoughts, events, experiences and fuck-ups over at Patheos. Come see what shenanigans I'm getting up to. 

 Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0

Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0


Video Gamecasts

I stream games. Not, like, good streaming, but for funsies. Since I am new to console gaming (and I prefer PC), this is a thing where mostly I learn to aim.

And platform.

And rotate the camera in a way that does not lead me over a cliff.

I don't have any set dates or times, I'll just flip up a notice when I'm sitting down to do it. I'll chat with whoever is online, and have been known to swear profusely, yell at the animals while on mic, and gives advice on such things as writing and life and positive fucking reinforcement.


How to Get Involved

The stream broadcasts through Mixer. You do not need an account to watch the stream and view the chat, but you will need a Mixer account to chat. (It's free and if you have a Microsoft account, it's already yours.)