Artists and creators have it bad enough, but the current political and economical environment is making it harder for content creators to make even the barest living. I'm a neurodivergent author whose accessibility needs make it tough to find a job. I write full time, I work part time, and it's barely enough to get by. So you want to help me keep writing?

I got a whole lot of rage and fury and profanity to stuff into my books, and so many books waiting to be written. Any contribution helps!


Tips and Contributions

For those who prefer to support without recompense, these options are available. All of them keep me going, writing furiously to place more and more books in your hands.



Ko-Fi helps creators get the support they need to keep creating. They take no money for their platform (relying itself on donations, much like Wikipedia) and are working on alternate ways to tip: one-time, recurring, etc. If you want to help me and don't care about rewards for it, Ko-Fi is an excellent way to do it.



Choosing a one-time contribution through Paypal is as easy as this. Simply click and go ham, and thank you very much!

Monthly Pledges
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Don't like Paypal? That's okay! Through this website directly, you can donate various amounts of your choice (with examples of where your contributions go). 

Monthly Responsibilities

  • Microsoft 365: $11
  • Google Hosting: $11
  • Squarespace: $16
  • Internet: $51
  • Veterinary Debt: $100
  • Life Debt: $100
  • Food: $200


Life Goals

  • Clear Med/Vet Debt: $2k
  • Pay Rent Share: $500/mo

Patreon Tiers & Support


If you prefer to pledge support monthly and like to receive things in return, you can sign up for the various tiers at my Patreon. These are limited number rewards that I send out monthly, and include digital content (like scans of sweary coloring books, once a week tarot card draws, ARCs, etc).