K. C. Alexander
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K. C. Alexander
taking on the world one bullshit rule at a time
K. C. Alexander doesn’t ‘write’ so much as she fires words into your cerebral cortex with an electromagnetic railgun.
Chuck Wendig, NYT Bestselling author of Star Wars: Aftermath and Invasive
Necrotech is a speed freak rush down mean streets of the digital, the modified, and the just plain crazy. It’s like razors for your brain.
Richard Kadrey, author of the Sandman Slim series
Nanoshock crushes everything in its path. Brutal, unapologetic, sexy cyberpunk, Nanoshock is a steel-fisted punch in the mouth.
Scott Sigler, #1 bestselling author of the Generations trilogy

I'm asked what writing between the lines means. I explain that I tell stories about the people erased in the middle; the ones that don't fit the labels. I tell them I write about me, too.


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It's impossible to speak for everybody.

Coming out bipolar and genderqueer was a turning point for her personally and professionally. Labels pasted on people, concepts, archetypes and activities came with expectations—dress and appearance, voice and verbiage, thoughts and feelings.  

Ultimately, Alexander chose to dedicate time and story space to her own journey. Sexuality, gender roles and expectations, invisible disability, the freedom of fantasy and the rage of erasure fuel her works, often leaving violent footprints in its wake.

She is a struggling Buddhist, a tentative witch, and just this guy, you know?




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Mass Effect: Andromeda: Nexus Uprising

Jason M. Hough and K. C. Alexander collaborate on this tie-in novel that leads readers right up to the start of the game. Relatively spoiler-free, flexible enough to be read before or after gameplay, Nexus Uprising adds detail and subtle ripples throughout Andromeda's galaxy.